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Species File Description File Size
P. sojae Entire genome genome.gff3 242m
Genome repeats repeats.gff3 4m
Transfer RNA tRNA.gff3 323k
Ribosomal RNA rRNA.gff3 5.3k
miR1 miR1.gff3 .3k
miR2 mir2.gff3 .3k
P. infestans Entire genome genes.gff3 24m
.fasta associated with genome pinfestans.fasta 221m
Repeats repeats.gff3 4.9m
Chomosome chromosome.gff3 363k
smallRNA library 3 smallRNA3.gff3 2.2g
smallRNA library 4 smallRNA4.gff3 2.5g
smallRNA library 5 smallRNA5.gff3 210m