This resource was developed by Josh Cuperus, Stephanie Bollmann, Ian Brasted and Deepthika Ennamuri. This project is supported by the National Research Initiative Competitive Grants Program Grant no.  2007-04672; and the Agriculture and Food Research Initiative Competitive Grants Program Grant no. 2010-04845 from the USDA National Institute of Food and Agriculture.

Please cite the following paper if you use this resource:

Fahlgren N. , Bollmann S. R. , Kasschau K. D. , Cuperus J. T. , Press C. M. , Sullivan C. M. , Chapman E. J. , J. Hoyer S. , Gilbert K. B. , Grünwald N. J. , Carrington J. C. , 2013   Phytophthora Have Distinct Endogenous Small RNA Populations That Include Short Interfering and microRNAs. PLoS ONE 8: e77181.